Smoking Cigarettes The Unfiltered Truth Understanding Why and How To Quit

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Our Goal: Comfortable, permanent nonsmokers!

The people of Joelle Publishing are committed to providing you with the UNFILTERED TRUTH about your relationship with tobacco. You CAN quit your addiction, 44.8 million other smokers in the United States have.

»  Smoking Cigarettes The Unfiltered Truth

This book can save your life. Smoking Cigarettes: The Unfiltered Truth, Understanding Why and How to Quit has been read and reread by thousands of smokers with excellent results. The book is user friendly, an easy read, yet is full of information. You think youíve heard it all about the smoking habit? Think again. For more information about this wonderful book and what others have said, click on The Book.

»  Relaxing to Quit - Relaxation CD or Tape

Along with Smoking Cigarettes, Dr. Benner has developed a relaxation CD: Relaxing to Quit. The quitting process is sometimes riddled with urges: mini-anxiety attacks. This tape provides you with tools to overcome those ugly feelings. The more you use it, the more comfortable you will become.

»  The Unfiltered Truth: Teaching Smokers to Quit

And for those who facilitate quitting groups, The Unfiltered Truth: Teaching Smokers to Quit. Based on Smoking Cigarettes, this training book contains all the information you need to conduct the kinds of successful stop smoking programs that Dr. Benner has been teaching for 20 years. An easy to use binder, all the information about pharmacotherapies, class content, and special needs. Intake forms you will need are also part of this packet. 

So You Want to Quit?
Do not spend another nickel on cigarettes!

So, you wish to quit your dangerous tobacco addiction? Youíve come to the right place. We donít want you to spend one more nickel, nor give up one more minute of your life to this deadly practice. Read on.

We can help you as we helped these happy quitters.

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