Smoking Cigarettes The Unfiltered Truth Understanding Why and How To Quit

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The FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions



Do I really have to quit? I'm young and it's not hurting me.

We don't like to focus on the negative aspects of quitting, but you should know that of four people smoking today, one will die an ugly, early smoking-related death. You should also know that for each cigarette you smoke, you are trading about 5.5 minutes of your life. We don't think that's a very good trade-off. Read Chapter 1 - "Why Should I Quit" in the book.



How painful will it be to give up my cigarettes?

We assume that this question refers to the psychological pain associated with quitting. There is essentially no physical pain like the headaches one might have when giving up an excessive coffee-drinking habit.

The psychological and physical discomfort is more akin to anxiety and with the right interventions and strategies, along with some pharmacotherapies, this discomfort can be greatly minimized and foreshortened.



Where can I find help with quitting?

You can, of course, contact us and buy our book and CD, and/or you can contact your local county health department, they can usually steer you toward help. Click on "Useful Links" on the left-hand side of our Home page. There will also be some help there.



Is it too late to quit? The damage is probably already done.

It is never too late. Within eight hours you will be breathing easier because the carbon monoxide will leave your blood and the oxygen level will return to normal. No matter your age, your health will improve in numerous different ways as soon as you quit smoking. Read Chapter 5 - "What To Expect When You Quit" in the book.



Isn't all this stuff about secondhand smoke just malarkey?

All the research points to the contrary. Secondhand or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is especially dangerous for babies. Evidence points to smoking parents as one of the culprits in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Wives of smokers have a much greater risk of respiratory diseases including lung cancer, and other cancers, too.


Get the Facts?

Some Questions the Doctor is Asked?


We believe that the more information you have about your habit, the more likely you are to become a permanent, comfortable nonsmoker. Here are some of the questions that people have asked the Doctor. If you read the book, and all the rest of these materials, and still have questions, feel free to submit them to the Doctor and some will be answered here for other people to read, too.

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