Smoking Cigarettes The Unfiltered Truth Understanding Why and How To Quit

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The focus and passion of Joelle Publishing are the issues associated with the marketing, sales, distribution, and use of nicotine products. We are especially concerned with helping people extricate themselves from the deadly nicotine addiction.

»  Joelle Publishing

The original book, Smoking Cigarettes: The Unfiltered Truth, Understanding Why and How to Quit, was written by Janet Benner, Ph.D. and published in 1987. Dr. Benner wrote the book in response to a lack of such material for people seeking solution to their enslavement to tobacco. She believes that providing people with the correct information will enhance their abilities to give up their nicotine habits.

»  Our Facilitators are Bi-lingual
  Staff consists of people who have worked in tobacco education for a number of years. Some are consultants, teaching others to facilitate successful cessation classes. Some are facilitators who conduct local tobacco cessation classes. Some of our facilitators are bi-lingual in Spanish, Italian, or German, and teach classes for smokers who do not speak English. And there are the administrators who work in the office, on the Web site, and in fulfillment to make sure our company operates with service as our primary concern.

  Founded in 1987
  Joelle Publishing was founded in 1987 in Santa Barbara, CA, to publish self-help, psychologically oriented books. The departure from that practice was Football: Mysteries Revealed for the Feminine Fan published in 1995. Back listed and still available is Parent Survival Training: A Guide for Parents of Teenagers, published in 1988.


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Here we are, happy to help and ready to serve. That is, we want you to quit smoking so we will do whatever we can to help you to achieve that goal.

Happy, Smoke free, Joelle Publishing Staff in Santa Barbara, California
Happy, smoke free, Joelle Publishing staff in Santa Barbara, California.

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